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St Andrew's Southgate (CE) Extended Club Booking System


At St Andrew's we are passionate...

about providing our pupils with as many different extra curricular opportunities as possible.


The focus of clubs: Our experience of clubs over the last academic year, as well as our parent survey, has shown us that parents are genuinely interested in clubs which promote both physical fitness as well as mental agility. Our clubs are now designed to reinforce the school ethos of "Healthy Body and Healthy Mind". Clubs which feature on our timetable will therefore reflect this core school value.

There will be more clubs available: We recognise that for parents whose timetables are such that they need activities for their children before and after the traditional school day, the club system provides a viable alternative to more traditional forms of childcare.

Duration: Clubs will now run for a whole term. Parents will therefore need to commit to their child attending for the whole term. In the event that you wish to withdraw your child from a club, a month's notice will be required. The place will then be offered to any children on the waiting list.

Payments: All clubs before and after school will now be chargeable and payment will be required in advance. (One month's fees in advance). We shall continue to provide some lunch-time activities and these will be open to all users will payments being made on a voluntary basis.

Booking system: We have organised a School Club Management System that is available for all parents to use on-line. We hope to be able to accommodate the large number of club options that we have available through this new system and we will let you know more about this soon!

Method of payment: Each term your ParentPay account will be updated with the amount owed for that term based on the information that you give in your booking form. We ask that Parents either pay the full amount each term, or alternatively pay by instalments on a monthly basis, one month in advance.

For all queries concerning club bookings, please contact the following email address: club@st-andrews-southgate.enfield.sch.uk, or use the contact form on the homepage of the website.

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